Landsdowne Labs is a spinout from the world-renowned Langer Lab. The company’s first product, ChildLok™, is an innovative button battery technology designed to deactivate batteries following accidental ingestion, made possible by advanced material science. Landsdowne Labs is commercializing this groundbreaking technology for global companies seeking a turnkey, low cost solution to the growing button battery health crisis. 



From the great minds of Langer Lab
& Karp Lab.



We’re a world-class team of Technologists, Innovators and Industry Experts.



We’re developing battery technology for marine, medical, oil and gas, and an adhesive platform for cosmetic and dermatology.


Landsdowne Labs was established to continue the development of certain technology initiated by the founders at two world-renowned labs: the Langer Lab at MIT and Karp Lab at Harvard. Dr. Langer is a remarkable scientist and accomplished inventor. His work has been instrumental in helping transform the healthcare landscape for dozens of companies. Collectively, his discoveries have saved or improved at least 2 billion lives. Dr. Langer is considered the “Edison of Medicine” and is one of the most influential innovators in modern history. 


Dr. Robert Langer 

Considered the “Edison of Medicine” and one of the most influential innovators in modern history. Collectively, Dr. Langer’s discoveries have saved or improved at least 2 billion lives.


Melissa Fensterstock 
Co-Founder & CEO, Harvard MBA

A seasoned Biotech, Medtech & Consumer product executive with extensive experience in translating novel technologies into valuable products and brands.


Dr. Jeff Karp 

Associate Professor at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Principal Faculty at Harvard Stem Cell Institute, affiliate faculty at Broad Institute & Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology 



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